PMO Webinars and Workshops

We have developed the following PMO Webinars
and Workshops that can provide you with guidance
and support in developing and enhancing your PMO:

APM08 How to Build a Great Project Management
(1 hour)

APM21 PMO Health Check Workshop (8 hours).
Learn how to determine the health and
effectiveness of your PMO and identify opportunities
for enhancement.

APM22 PMO Development Workshop (8 hours).
Learn how to develop and implement a high
performance, world class PMO.

For more information on our Webinars and
Workshops go
here and here.
Let Us Help You Build a World Class Project Management Office

We can provide you with:

  • Complete guidance and support for building a world class Project Management Office
    (PMO), both at your office site, or remotely via our AnyMeeting web collaboration  
    software - or via a flexible combination of both.

  • All the supporting project management methodologies, tools, templates and training
    needed to support your projects, and we can customize and align them with the needs,
    policies and procedures of your organization.

  • Project Dashboard templates, to measure the performance of your projects in all key
    areas, including project schedule, budget, client satisfaction, resourcing, risk, and
    health checks.

  • A PMO  Dashboard template to demonstrate the performance improvement that your
    PMO will have achieved in all the key areas measured by your Project Dashboard.
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No Methodology?  No Training?

If you do not have any (or have only a little) project
management methodology or training already, and
cannot afford a full time PMO - no problem!

Let us show you how you can build a Vir
tual PMO
and develop a complete
customized project
management methodology and training program
with your existing project management team.

With some  minimal consulting support  and as little
as 2 days per week over a 10 week period, with up
to 6 of your senior project managers, we can provide
you with a fully customized suite that will include a  
project life cycle, project management methodology,
training program, dashboards, tools and templates.

See our detailed and descriptive video on all the
steps needed to build a Virtual PMO  
Contact Us

Tony Crawford, PMP
President and Executive Consultant, AlphaPM

Phone:  (352) 321-7845


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